Counting Sheep

Rangeland Intern Samantha McIntosh has been busy at work with all sorts of different animals on the ranch, but the last few weeks have been focused around the Ewes and Lambs. She got to have a mini “vacation” and travel to Sheridan County for the Environmental Stewardship Tour last week. Here is her update:  WhatContinue reading “Counting Sheep”

The Pleasures of Calving

The little calves always make calving fun and seem worthwhile no matter how tired you are or how disastrous the situation seems. When four heifers aborted in a week almost two months before calving time, it appeared to be a disaster. When the second calf was aborted, Vern came out and did an autopsy.  VernContinue reading “The Pleasures of Calving”

Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty

When calving heifers (female cattle that haven’t had a calf yet), you inevitably have to help one now and then. This year we are pulling a few more calves than usual, which is a bull-related issue. The bull’s genetics in large part determine calf size and the bigger the calf, the harder to calve. WeContinue reading “Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty”

Snow Day

Remember snow days when you were a kid? It was so much fun! No school; just drinking cocoa and wearing 14 layers of clothes to go run around in the yard. Well, the RealRanchers of the Green River Valley (and most others I’ve ever been around) do not believe in snow days. THIS is aContinue reading “Snow Day”

Hard to be Humane

Humane treatment of livestock is something ranchers are doing continuously through their livestock management practices. Typically these actions improve the health and well-being of the animals in their care, and are enjoyable tasks for everyone. But, what about those situations where being humane and doing what’s best for the animal isn’t a fun practice? ThisContinue reading “Hard to be Humane”

A Mother’s Grief

Two tiny babes arrived last week.  Their mother, like all mothers, immediately protective.  Nervously nuzzling first one and then the other.  Squatting to let them nurse.  Instinctively knowing what to do. One baby is a little larger and very healthy.   He is already trying to buck and play. The second is small and fragile.  SheContinue reading “A Mother’s Grief”

All Work and No Play Part II

In my last post about our snowmobiling fun, I left out the best part. You see I was saving the best for last! As can happen from time to time, unexpected things happen on a ranch. When Timmery and I were having fun up in the mountains on snowmachines we found a stranded cow, oneContinue reading “All Work and No Play Part II”

Rancher Talk

Have your heifers started?  Did you have to pull very many?  When do the cows start?  All these questions are beginning to circulate between ranching neighbors at this time of year.  Have you heard any of this lingo and wonder, what in the world are they talking about?  This is a very important at thisContinue reading “Rancher Talk”

A Filipino in Wyoming

My wife, Lovella Dawn has sometimes found it difficult coping with the wide-open spaces and the lack of people in Wyoming.  She is originally from the Philippines near the capitol, Manila.  Manila and surrounding greater suburbs has a population of approximately 20 million people — about 40 times the entire state of Wyoming. After getting marriedContinue reading “A Filipino in Wyoming”

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