Going to the Doctor

As humans, there are times it seems you inevitably pick the busiest day of the year to go to the doctor. From doctors running late to crying youngsters in the waiting room, a trip to the doctor can be exhausting and time consuming. Check out this post to see how one bunch of cows canContinue reading “Going to the Doctor”

Writing, Photography and Ranching

Highlighting Three Wyoming Bloggers Over the past two years of blogging on RealRanchers.com, we’ve also discovered some fantastic Wyoming rural blogs we like to follow as well. We want to introduce you to some of these great Wyoming blogs and the people behind them. O.L. Shepp (Ondi Shepperson) is the ranch wife and mom behindContinue reading “Writing, Photography and Ranching”

Winding Straps

EDITOR’S NOTE: On a ranch, everyone in the family has a job to do according to their skills and abilities. On her blog, RealRancher Heather Hamilton shares a job her sister, Holly, is in charge of as part of their hay transportation operation. Among Holly’s jobs around here are rolling straps as often as possibleContinue reading “Winding Straps”

Cattle Pot

Every wondered how ranchers get their cattle moved from place to place on those big trucks and trailers? Check out how cattle are carefully loaded onto this two-story trailer, called a cattle pot, specifically designed to safely and efficiently move them to their summer and winter homes when trailing them from place to place isn’tContinue reading “Cattle Pot”

Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty

When calving heifers (female cattle that haven’t had a calf yet), you inevitably have to help one now and then. This year we are pulling a few more calves than usual, which is a bull-related issue. The bull’s genetics in large part determine calf size and the bigger the calf, the harder to calve. WeContinue reading “Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty”

Winter Water

Our water system is all based on about 30 miles of underground, PVC pipeline, that transports water from multiple water wells to more than 20 water tanks, most of which are recycled tractor tires, like the one below. We also use a couple windmills to pump water, and have a solar well on our placeContinue reading “Winter Water”

Dirty Job

You’ve all seen Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel, right? Well Dr. George Harty can relate. Our thoughts go out to the person that does George’s laundry. From RealRanchers, the Hamilton Family – Lance Creek, WY

Hard to be Humane

Humane treatment of livestock is something ranchers are doing continuously through their livestock management practices. Typically these actions improve the health and well-being of the animals in their care, and are enjoyable tasks for everyone. But, what about those situations where being humane and doing what’s best for the animal isn’t a fun practice? ThisContinue reading “Hard to be Humane”

Fighting Fire

“When those famous Wyoming thunderstorms rumble across the Eastern Wyoming plains this summer, ranchers can be seen atop every high hill watching for the accompanying lightning, and potential range fires that result. An abundant grass year as created a waving sea of fuel that can light up in seconds, and result in detrimental losses forContinue reading “Fighting Fire”

All Aboard the Hay Train

“With the lingering snow and cold temperatures this spring, many ranchers in eastern Wyoming are having to purchase additional feed. My dad and brother have a trucking company, and are often hired to procure, and/or deliver this feed, when it’s hay. This post follows my brother as he delivers one load to a fellow NiobraraContinue reading “All Aboard the Hay Train”

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