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On a tour of the Jonah Field in Fall 2011, I met a lot of people involved in energy production. They showed me how they contribute to the #1 industry in Wyoming. They provided statistics, like Wyoming produces 10% of the nation’s natural gas supply, 2% of the oil supply and 40% of the coal supply. They proudly discussed utilizing resources from the land and then giving back to it – and it’s people.

Ranchers and Energy Workers have so much in common. A love for the land. A deep pride in their work. And a passion for providing a commodity necessary to the lives of each and every person.

We’ve been proud for the last two years to share agriculture and rural stories with the readers of and we are excited to introduce a new section to the site, which tells the stories of RealEnergy across Wyoming. RealEnergy tells the stories of those involved in the energy industry and landowners working with energy devlopment.

Want to know more about agriculture and energy or interested in contributing to the blog?

Contact Olivia Sanchez, Wyoming Stock Growers Association Communication & Publications Director,, 307.638.3942.

5 thoughts on “RealEnergy

  1. Many of the ranchers have jobs in the oil & gas companies and vice versa. Seems like we leave the ranch to go get a real job, just to retire and get cattle again. Many readers in are one of those progressions and don’t even know it yet!

    1. Yes! That’s absolutely right. We’re hoping to publish posts from this demographic on our RealEnergy section down the road. Hope all is well with 191 Livestock!

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