Winter Water

Our water system is all based on about 30 miles of underground, PVC pipeline, that transports water from multiple water wells to more than 20 water tanks, most of which are recycled tractor tires, like the one below. We also use a couple windmills to pump water, and have a solar well on our place that we pump water with also. The system is kind of like a town’s water system, where water is piped to various residents (water tanks) from a large well (several wells in our case).

We put in all the pipeline and tanks ourselves, do the maintenance on them, and specifically designed our water system so that every pasture has water that comes from at least two sources. That way if one well/water tank/ pipeline/etc.. breaks, our livestock will still have water from a different source.

Providing water for livestock in Wyoming

Read full post at RealRancher Heather Hamilton’s blog Double H Photography

4 thoughts on “Winter Water

    1. Dave,
      Thank you for the nice comment!
      If you click the Double H Photography link under the photo you’ll go to a longer post and more photos of different tanks. You can also email me at with your contact information, I would be happy to get my dad or brother in touch with you. They’re the two who engineered and installed all the tanks, and would be a much better source of information than myself : )

  1. Thank you Heather. Good ideas for future installations. I like the idea of protection for all the “guts” of your tank. And for winter use, continuous flow is the best way to go. Your location as well as ours would take a very long extension cord.

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