Judging Meat

Remember meeting the 4-H members from Niobrara County, Wyoming on our YouTube channel? Well, several of these same kids are also very judgmental…as in 4-H Meat judging! The Niobrara County senior 4-H meat judging team composed of Chelsea Baars, Lexie Dockery, Dax Dockery and Shane Smith tallied 2,108 points to capture 4th place honors atContinue reading “Judging Meat”

Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful

Sixteen Niobrara County agriculture women have dedicated six weeks to increase their knowledge and skill base to better understand and manage risk in their families ranching business. These women will receive 18 hours of education in the areas of production, legal, financial, marketing and human risk, all dedicated to helping improve their families agriculture basedContinue reading “Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful”

All Aboard the Hay Train

“With the lingering snow and cold temperatures this spring, many ranchers in eastern Wyoming are having to purchase additional feed. My dad and brother have a trucking company, and are often hired to procure, and/or deliver this feed, when it’s hay. This post follows my brother as he delivers one load to a fellow NiobraraContinue reading “All Aboard the Hay Train”


Northern Niobrara County is typically a semi-arid region, and while flash floods are somewhat common during the summer months, winters are usually relatively dry. Not so this year. Flooding and ice build up were a constant problem in January and February, and continue to make travel, feeding and calving difficult in the area. The GreasewoodContinue reading “Flooding”

Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home

Although the cows have been at their winter home for some time now, I want to discuss why my cows change residence during the winter months. My cows have been temporarily relocated since early December 2010. Wintertime conditions around Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming can be quite adverse at times. We have the ability to receiveContinue reading “Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home”

Sausage and other career opportunities

Thirty-two 4-H youth from Niobrara, Natrona and Converse counties took part in a three day retreat at the University of Wyoming campus, Nov. 19 -21. This three day retreat was part of the Wyoming Youth Leadership Education program which is currently focusing on career and workforce preparation. The retreat began with a full campus tour,Continue reading “Sausage and other career opportunities”

The Doctors Are In

Ever wonder how agriculturists know all that they know? I mean between needing to be economists, accountants, agronomists, entomologists, animal scientists, meteorologists…the list goes on…how can they possibly learn all they need to learn? Well most Wyoming ranchers have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even PhD’s from accredited universities. And most of them grew up in the ranching business, gaining a lifetimeContinue reading “The Doctors Are In”

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