Sausage and other career opportunities

Thirty-two 4-H youth from Niobrara, Natrona and Converse counties took part in a three day retreat at the University of Wyoming campus, Nov. 19 -21. This three day retreat was part of the Wyoming Youth Leadership Education program which is currently focusing on career and workforce preparation.

Wyoming 4-H Students participate in a weekend educational experience at the University of Wyoming, Wyoming's only four-year higher learning institution.

The retreat began with a full campus tour, giving youth a quick look at college life in both the living dorms and educational facilities. Members were then given the opportunity to tour various colleges and have a more in-depth look at areas in which they would like to study. Various colleges participating were Agriculture and Natural Resources, Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Commerce and Industry (business), Nursing and the Wyoming State Veterinary Lab.

Youth also had several workshops with inspiring speakers. Topics of these workshops included communication in the work place, developing a resume and preparing for job interviews. A major highlight for the group was a panel of current college students, who were previously 4-H members from these three counties. Youth gained a lot of “common sense” information about college life including roommates, budgeting, studying and balancing all aspects of college life.

The delegation had the opportunity to attend the Animal Science Department tailgate party prior to attending the Wyoming v. Colorado State University football game, which was a fun and exciting part of the entire college experience. YEAH!!! We get the boot two years in a row!!!

When the U of Wyoming and their rival Colorado State U play against eachother, we call it a "border war."

Finally, the group had a small taste of a college laboratory experience, as Dr. Warrie Means, Animal Science Professor, had youth make five different kinds of sausage.

Blending the sausage meat and spices together.
Making sausage with a great professor, Dr. Means

After making the sausage and stuffing it into links, youth got to cook and sample their product, just like the college Meat Processing class students take every fall.

It truly was a college weekend experience!

From RealPartner Tammie Jenson, Niobrara County 4-H/Youth Director