Learning, Teaching and Hard Work

Rangeland Intern Allison Harvey is busy at work in Gillette. She had a bit of trouble with fence this week, this is what she had to say about it: “On Tuesday it seemed that every animal that could get through a fence did get through a fence.  The heifers, steers, bulls, and rams all managedContinue reading “Learning, Teaching and Hard Work”

4-H and FFA: Youth Events Everyone Should Know About

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN Participating in 4-H and FFA were some of the most memorable moments in my life and many of the paths I am taking now came from the experiences I had in these youth programs. I remember participating and helping at the 4-H fundraisers and showing market steers at the county fair and inContinue reading “4-H and FFA: Youth Events Everyone Should Know About”

Judging Meat

Remember meeting the 4-H members from Niobrara County, Wyoming on our YouTube channel? Well, several of these same kids are also very judgmental…as in 4-H Meat judging! The Niobrara County senior 4-H meat judging team composed of Chelsea Baars, Lexie Dockery, Dax Dockery and Shane Smith tallied 2,108 points to capture 4th place honors atContinue reading “Judging Meat”

Doing Chores In Style

EDITOR’S NOTE: In honor of the launch of RealEnergy on RealRanchers.com, The Original Muck Boot Company and RealRanchers.com gave away four pairs of The Chore boots on our Facebook page in July. One of the winners responded kindly to our request for photos of her wearing her prize. Thanks for the contribution Gail and kids!Continue reading “Doing Chores In Style”

Sausage and other career opportunities

Thirty-two 4-H youth from Niobrara, Natrona and Converse counties took part in a three day retreat at the University of Wyoming campus, Nov. 19 -21. This three day retreat was part of the Wyoming Youth Leadership Education program which is currently focusing on career and workforce preparation. The retreat began with a full campus tour,Continue reading “Sausage and other career opportunities”

Another Rancher’s Gamble – Bull Sales

Auctioneers, bulls, ranchers, food and often cold weather are all part of a bull sale. Each year ranchers have to buy new bulls (male cattle who have not been castrated) to put with their cows for breeding the next summer.  Bull sales usually take place in the months of October through March. Usually on theContinue reading “Another Rancher’s Gamble – Bull Sales”

A Family Affair

The typical Wyoming ranch is a family affair. It’s survival depends on all family members uniting for the common cause of making a living off the land. Preceding generations pass to their descendants the love and respect for the land and the care of the animals stocked on that land to harvest the grass. IntermingledContinue reading “A Family Affair”

The Doctors Are In

Ever wonder how agriculturists know all that they know? I mean between needing to be economists, accountants, agronomists, entomologists, animal scientists, meteorologists…the list goes on…how can they possibly learn all they need to learn? Well most Wyoming ranchers have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even PhD’s from accredited universities. And most of them grew up in the ranching business, gaining a lifetimeContinue reading “The Doctors Are In”

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