Dry Land and Family Visits

Josiah has become the “master irrigator” over these past few summer months. The past couple weeks have proved some problems with the dry and windy weather. He also got to visit his family in Rock Springs. Here is what he had to say:  Well, it was a week of irrigating, (surprise!), but I was ableContinue reading “Dry Land and Family Visits”

Week 10 for Allison

Allison Harvey had a busy week on the ranch, per usual. Her mentor, Eric was out of town for the week so it was her responsibility to do the weekly chores. She had some troubles this week, but it all worked out for the best. Here is what she had to say:   The weekContinue reading “Week 10 for Allison”

Sleeping Under the Stars

 Ian Zerbe has had the privilege to work at two different locations this summer with the Allen family. He started the summer off at their lower ranch doing usual ranch-like activities. This last part of the summer he has had the opportunity to work along side their pack trip outfits and he really seems toContinue reading “Sleeping Under the Stars”

Josiah’s Recovery

Rangeland Intern Josiah Masie has been absent from his mentoring ranch in Lander due to an unfortunate break in his leg. He was home for roughly two weeks but it back on the ranch hobbling around in a walking boot. Here is what he had to say about his first few days back: I’m back!Continue reading “Josiah’s Recovery”

Chasing Cows

Samantha had an eventful week per usual at Ladder Ranch. She touches on fixing fence as well as chasing cows all over the property. Oh the joys of moving cows! Here is what she had to say about her experience last week:  To start the week off, the other ranch hand and i spent quiteContinue reading “Chasing Cows”

Learning, Teaching and Hard Work

Rangeland Intern Allison Harvey is busy at work in Gillette. She had a bit of trouble with fence this week, this is what she had to say about it: “On Tuesday it seemed that every animal that could get through a fence did get through a fence.  The heifers, steers, bulls, and rams all managedContinue reading “Learning, Teaching and Hard Work”

Getting Comfortable in the Saddle

Rangeland intern Ian Zerbe is still hard at work with the Allen family in Lander. He has moved up the mountain to the upper ranch to work primarily as a wrangler, and going on pack trips. Some of the other wrangles that Ian works with love to take pictures, and he is then able toContinue reading “Getting Comfortable in the Saddle”

Transition Time at Ladder Ranch for Samantha

Rangeland Intern Samantha has been hard at work, with early mornings and busy days. She was able to go into the town of Dixon one night for the local rodeo where the ranch donates Ewes to be used for Mutton Busting. Sounds like a good night off work!  Samantha also explained that all of theContinue reading “Transition Time at Ladder Ranch for Samantha”

Hard Work Pays Off for Josiah

Josiah sure seems to be getting good at irrigating! Not to mention, he had a special visit this week! Check out what he had to say about his time on the ranch last week: It was a fruitful week of irrigating. The grass has finally started to grow and in another week or so weContinue reading “Hard Work Pays Off for Josiah”

Ian is Always Learning

Each week Ian Zerbe seems excited to be learning numerous tricks of the trade. Last week he attended the Environmental Stewardship Tour in Sheridan County and was interested to learn how other ranches, such as the Kane family, operate their ranch. He also showed off his moves on the dance floor! Check out his updateContinue reading “Ian is Always Learning”

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