Samantha had an eventful week per usual at Ladder Ranch. She touches on fixing fence as well as chasing cows all over the property. Oh the joys of moving cows! Here is what she had to say about her experience last week: week 8 standing on horseweek 8 scenery

To start the week off, the other ranch hand and i spent quite a bit of time working on a fence around the pasture that they call “buck camp”. It was important for us to fix this part of the fence since we’ll be putting the cows left on the ranch in this pasture next week. A large majority of the fence was fixed on the neighbors’ portion but once we hit the part of the fence that was on ours, we had to spend a lot more time fixing the fence!

We spent another day this week gathering and moving the bred heifers out of their pasture and moving them across the ranch to where they will spend the majority of the rest of the summer! We ended up being 6 animals short once we got back to the corrals at the house with the heifers, bulls and dry cows. After sorting out the dry, we moved the heifers up the road. The next day, I went with Chad (another hand) to go back-ride to look for the missing 6 cows! We were missing 5 heifers and 1 bull! After riding for over 6 hours, we started to head back to the house to go eat lunch. Right as we were about to head into the alfalfa field, we looked over to find the missing 6!!! This was more funny than anything in my opinion! After getting them into the pasture that we were in, all 6 cows split off and ran into the tall brush. The small herd split in half, with 3 of the heifers missing, we ended up chasing them all over the place and eventually got the first half to the barn. After lunch, we went back for the last 3. This was just as bad. We lost them in the tall brush and I ended up standing up on my saddle in an attempt to find them!! (Pictured above) We eventually got them to the house!!

The rest of the week we spent moving alfalfa bales to the sheds in Dixon, WY. These bales will be used in the winter to feed the sheep and cows!

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