Rangeland Intern Josiah Masie has been absent from his mentoring ranch in Lander due to an unfortunate break in his leg. He was home for roughly two weeks but it back on the ranch hobbling around in a walking boot. Here is what he had to say about his first few days back:

I’m back! After a couple weeks of recovery I’m finally able to gimp around the ranch again. I made it back Wednesday (the 20th)  and promptly started up again, mowing my lawn, getting some weeds knocked out, and general cosmetic work. The following days I have been fencing, trying to get the dairy pasture all fenced in again (it was damaged during the flooding and we just haven’t had time to put it back together). That’s been nice to do, since its close to the house and I don’t have to do much walking. Its actually the first big fencing project I’ve been trusted to do myself, so that’s pretty cool. I have to sink about 5 posts, notch them cut poles to fit, put up the poles up, and then make an H brace to tie into the barb wire fence. Its been slow going but by the time I’m done with it I should just be getting out of my boot and be able to wear two shoes just like a real boy.


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