Ian Zerbe has had the privilege to work at two different locations this summer with the Allen family. He started the summer off at their lower ranch doing usual ranch-like activities. This last part of the summer he has had the opportunity to work along side their pack trip outfits and he really seems to be enjoying it! Here is what he had to say:

We are finally done haying! I’m up on the mountain for good now. This past week I’ve been on the trail more hours than I can count. Packing in on an overnight trip nine hours away was definitely the highlight. We packed in three empty pack horses and our two riding horses to pick up some gear for people that had been in there for a week. Our whole camp consisted of two sleeping bags, a few cans of soup, and picket and hobbles for five horses. It was amazing to spend the night under the stars of the wind river mountains. I can’t help but think about the fact that I have less than a month left here. I’ve learned more than I could describe and I feel confident that I’ve been able to help the Allens out and teach them what I know as well.

Check out the beautiful area that Ian gets to visit for pack trips!

week 10 lakeweek 10 pack trip

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