Allison Harvey had a busy week on the ranch, per usual. Her mentor, Eric was out of town for the week so it was her responsibility to do the weekly chores. She had some troubles this week, but it all worked out for the best. Here is what she had to say:  

The week started out with water trouble… again.  It was very hot out here so we were checking water daily. There were a couple air locks in the main system at the Divide to we opened up a different pasture and turned on another well system.

I drove the sheep back out to their pasture after we separated out the wethers.  The side by side broke down and I had to walk the rest of the way.  Though it was a bummer because I had to walk the rest of the way and back to the house, I ended up seeing my first rattlesnake and Nieva the puppy did better herding when I was walking than when I was driving the side by side.

During the second half of the week Eric was gone for a legislative committee meeting so I was responsible for the weekly agenda.  I checked the animals, fence, and water daily.  I also moved the temporary fence to the other side of the waterer for when we move the heifers and bulls into a different pen.  I rolled up the barbed wire for an old pasture that they’re just storing iron in.  The creek from the tank overflow down by the house gets filled in every year by sticks and leaves so I dug it out.

We are hauling the ewes over to get processed tomorrow, so we sorted them out of the sheep again after marking them last week.week 10

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