Dry Land and Family Visits

Josiah has become the “master irrigator” over these past few summer months. The past couple weeks have proved some problems with the dry and windy weather. He also got to visit his family in Rock Springs. Here is what he had to say: 

Well, it was a week of irrigating, (surprise!), but I was able to work on some fence as well to mix it up a bit. The water has been slowing down quite a bit lately so that has made things a bit more challenging. It really just involves damming up the head gates a bit more and yanking more water from the creeks. It has also made things a bit quicker for me as well, because we aren’t able to irrigate as many fields at a time now. The weather has been awful all week, dry and windy and the prairie is starting to show it. My irrigated meadows are little patches of green surrounded by fields of dying grass. Heck it has even been hard keeping the meadows green with how dry it is, I’m forced to rotate the water more often or else the other areas go without water too long.

This weekend I was able to make a quick trip down to Rock Springs to see my brother, sister in-law and my beautiful niece. It’s always good to see family and it makes everything better to be there and spend time with my niece. While I was there I also found out I’m going to be an uncle again just this time to a nephew, so I’m super excited about that!

week 10 niece
Josiah and his adorable niece

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