Rangeland Intern Samantha has been hard at work, with early mornings and busy days. She was able to go into the town of Dixon one night for the local rodeo where the ranch donates Ewes to be used for Mutton Busting. Sounds like a good night off work! 

Samantha also explained that all of the cows and sheep have been moved to where they will spend the rest of the summer. This was a transition week for the main ranch and she is now working on other tasks! Here is a little bit of what she had to say about her week: 

“One day this week we spent a morning and part of an afternoon moving some cows from one pasture to another. This herd is the one herd that is left on the ranch as of right now! On our way to go move these cows, we made the attempt to move another bull from the corrals at the house up to there. We made it about 1/3 of the way before the bull got away from us! We decided to leave the bull where we lost him so we could load him up on a trailer instead of trying to fuss with his poor temperament. On the way back, we moved a small herd of bucks (male sheep) and 2 cow/calf pairs back to the house. After we got to the house, a small group of us trailed the bucks across the river to where the rest of the bucks are at. It was really difficult to get the bucks to go into the river and across it! Eventually we decided to rope the horns one of them and pull him across as a leader! This was definitely our best option.

When we moved the cows up onto the forest, we somehow left 30 cow/calf pairs in the first pasture. On Thursday, two of us packed salt blocks up to some of the cows and spent about 8 hours looking for the missing 30! We never ended up finding them that day but will definitely need to spend some more time up there to make sure that we find them!”

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