Josiah sure seems to be getting good at irrigating! Not to mention, he had a special visit this week! Check out what he had to say about his time on the ranch last week:

It was a fruitful week of irrigating. The grass has finally started to grow and in another week or so we will have some decent hay to cut. Its nice to see that all the hard work I put into irrigating is finally starting to pay off. On top of irrigating I started fixing fence in and around the canyon. I’m starting with a massive fence that runs from one end of the canyon to the other… It will probably take me a week or two finish, but so far it isn’t in too bad of shape, which is a plus.

This weekend my sister came to visit. It has been a blast seeing her… she’s staying through the 4th, so hopefully that will be a good time as well. Thursday night I tweaked my right leg, its been consistently bothering me so I might have to go in and get it checked out at some point. Other than all that its been a pretty relaxed week. We’ve been having afternoon thunderstorms all week which has been a great change from the 100⁰ weather I’m normally used to. Hope you all had a great Forth!

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