Blizzards and Cattle

Perhaps you watch the weather and heard about the West getting pounded with snow this week? We were right in the path of the storm, and couldn’t have been happier about the prospective moisture! However, it did come in blizzard form, which wasn’t anyone’s first choice, but dry as it has been around here, noContinue reading “Blizzards and Cattle”

Winter Adventure on a Wyoming Ranch

A dose of winter finally made it’s way to Platte County last week. Badly needing the moisture, we’ve been waiting for it. Routine daily chores suddenly have to revert to an alternate plan. The distance between two points is no longer a straight line. The first challenge is traversing the mile and a half drivewayContinue reading “Winter Adventure on a Wyoming Ranch”

Dry Season

The days unfold–one warm dry sunny day after the next.  The neighbors gather and talk of only one subject–when will it snow?  We all have tales to tell.  Only two years ago, we were lamenting because we had to start feeding hay two weeks before Thanksgiving.  This year, some of us still have some roughContinue reading “Dry Season”

Spring Showers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the fault of this busy editor, I didn’t get this wonderful post up in a timely manner, but it’s just too good to wait until next spring to share. So here is Katie’s Spring 2012 experience…even though it’s August. Thanks for putting up with me. – LL AWWW spring showers! InContinue reading “Spring Showers”

The Pleasures of Calving

The little calves always make calving fun and seem worthwhile no matter how tired you are or how disastrous the situation seems. When four heifers aborted in a week almost two months before calving time, it appeared to be a disaster. When the second calf was aborted, Vern came out and did an autopsy.  VernContinue reading “The Pleasures of Calving”


There are different ways to fertilize the ground you grow your crops on.  Our crop is hay.  We grow it in the summer so we have something to feed the cattle in the winter.  When the cows come home from their summer pasture in the fall they are left to roam and graze in theContinue reading “Fertilizer”

Snow Day

Remember snow days when you were a kid? It was so much fun! No school; just drinking cocoa and wearing 14 layers of clothes to go run around in the yard. Well, the RealRanchers of the Green River Valley (and most others I’ve ever been around) do not believe in snow days. THIS is aContinue reading “Snow Day”

Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home

Although the cows have been at their winter home for some time now, I want to discuss why my cows change residence during the winter months. My cows have been temporarily relocated since early December 2010. Wintertime conditions around Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming can be quite adverse at times. We have the ability to receiveContinue reading “Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home”

All work & no play makes a rancher dull

It’s not all work…sometimes we have fun too. Winter on our place usually means feeding the cows day after day in snow that seems to get deeper and deeper. However, with deep snow comes opportunity.  Timmery, my wife, and I like to take a few hours from time to time and go up in theContinue reading “All work & no play makes a rancher dull”

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