Blizzards and Cattle


Perhaps you watch the weather and heard about the West getting pounded with snow this week? We were right in the path of the storm, and couldn’t have been happier about the prospective moisture! However, it did come in blizzard form, which wasn’t anyone’s first choice, but dry as it has been around here, no one was complaining.


When we have a blizzard, we try to get our cattle fed up ahead of time, then we leave them alone during the storm. Our rough, deep draws (small canyons) provide awesome protection, and our cows are used to taking care of themselves. If we were to try to feed in the middle of a blizzard, it would cause the cows to leave their protection, and result in more problems and calf deaths than if we just leave them alone. The cows will hole up somewhere out of the elements, and keep their calves warm and cared for too.


This post is continued on RealRancher Heather Hamilton’s blog Double H Photography. Click the link to read more!

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