Spring Showers

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the fault of this busy editor, I didn’t get this wonderful post up in a timely manner, but it’s just too good to wait until next spring to share. So here is Katie’s Spring 2012 experience…even though it’s August. Thanks for putting up with me. – LL

AWWW spring showers!

RealRancher Katie Keith talks about the importance of spring moistureIn late May we finally had our spring drizzles, down pours and even wet SNOW. It was a very hot, dry spring.

In late winter, coming spring, it would melt, then freeze at night and all the water would not soak into the ground because the ground was frozen, so all the water just ran off all the hills and did not soak in.

Then it got really hot and dried up everything, It was dusty. Dusty in spring time?!?! WHAT THE HECK dusty in spring time!!

Ranchers do not have sprinklers all over our land and hills, so we depend on nature to water our ground. And if we don’t have water, then we don’t have grass, and if we don’t have grass, we don’t have enough food for the cows.

So moisture is a very important thing!

From RealRancher Katie Keith – Casper, WY

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