Spring Time Jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the fault of this busy editor, I didn’t get this wonderful post up in a timely manner, but it’s just too good to wait until next spring to share. So here is Katie’s Spring 2012 experience…even though it’s August. Thanks for putting up with me. – LL

Spring time!! The grass has sprung and the cows are chasing the green stuff like crazy! Time to put away the snow machines and bring down the horses from winter pasture.

In the spring we stop feeding hay to our cattle. We gather up the cows, sort them into groups and trail them to the summer pastures!

Also in the spring is when our registered cows start popping out those cute little baby calves.

And those cute babies become a big job! They have to be weighed, tagged and given a shot.

Another big job in the spring is fence building. We go around the fence lines and fix the holes.

It sure doesn’t seem like much, but oh boy its a 24/7 job!

RealRancher Katie Keith talks about springtime jobs on the ranch including calving, fixing fence and sorting cattle

From RealRancher Katie Keith – Casper, Wyo.

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