Pleased to meet you!

For those of you who I haven’t had a chance to meet yet, my name is Haley Lockwood and I am the new Communication & Publications Director for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and Administrator for Real Ranchers. Fresh out of college with an Agricultural Communications degree, I headed to Cheyenne for a career in the agricultural industry.Continue reading “Pleased to meet you!”

Trailing to the Mountains

The sun starts to lighten the skyline above the Wind River Mountains while the song birds can be heard singing and the warm and cool air currents can be felt as the cowboys ride across the sagebrush, BLM allotment to gather the cattle and start them marching north to summer pasture.  This is the beginningContinue reading “Trailing to the Mountains”

Touring the Jonah Field – Part I

Touring the Jonah Field – Part I Last fall I had the exciting opportunity to tour the Jonah Field, hosted by our friends at Encana Oil and Gas, USA. The Jonah Field is located south of Pinedale, Wyo. It covers about 30,000 acres and has resulted in millions of dollars in tax and royalty revenuesContinue reading “Touring the Jonah Field – Part I”

The Pleasures of Calving

The little calves always make calving fun and seem worthwhile no matter how tired you are or how disastrous the situation seems. When four heifers aborted in a week almost two months before calving time, it appeared to be a disaster. When the second calf was aborted, Vern came out and did an autopsy.  VernContinue reading “The Pleasures of Calving”

Bulls…and more bulls

Males, particularly males of the bovine species, can be very irritating and time consuming. Bulls seem to be uncontrollable starting in late March and ending in November. You never know where or when they have gone gallivanting off. You think they are in your pasture, especially made for bulls, but when you look there isContinue reading “Bulls…and more bulls”

A Different Kind of Tourist

The 2011 Wyoming Angus Tour, Sept. 17-18 in Southwestern Wyoming, was a success with breeders from every corner of the state making the trip to Lincoln and Sublette Counties. According to the American Angus Association, Angus cattle first came to America from Scotland in 1873. The breed is naturally hornless and most are black orContinue reading “A Different Kind of Tourist”

Going Wild

NOTE: This article appeared in the March 5, 2011 issue of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and was written by Cat Urbigkit. It features Boulder-area rancher and County Commissioner, Joel Bousman. We posed a question about the Wild Lands Order on our Facebook page and want to share the testimony of a RealRancher. Boulder rancher JoelContinue reading “Going Wild”

Rancher Talk

Have your heifers started?  Did you have to pull very many?  When do the cows start?  All these questions are beginning to circulate between ranching neighbors at this time of year.  Have you heard any of this lingo and wonder, what in the world are they talking about?  This is a very important at thisContinue reading “Rancher Talk”

Coming Home for Winter

As the temperature cools, the leaves turn to brilliant yellow and orange colors, the days shorten and eventually snow appears on the mountain summer range, the cattle head for home. The cows are just like the deer and antelope. They start migrating to the home ranch as the fall weather start to send reminders ofContinue reading “Coming Home for Winter”

Gardening…Sublette County, Wyo. Style

I hear it all the time. “You can’t grow a garden here.” “It’s too cold!” (An elevation of 7,192 feet doesn’t help much either). There is no doubt that we can have frost here any day of the year.  We usually can’t plant until the first of June and sometimes even later than that. Tomatoes,Continue reading “Gardening…Sublette County, Wyo. Style”

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