Governor: Carbon, Sweetwater Counties Oil Play

Governor Matt Mead says the gas play in Carbon and Sweetwater Counties could be significant for economy, needs to be done right Governor Matt Mead says he supports a significant natural gas development in Carbon and Sweetwater Counties, which would create thousands of jobs in Wyoming. Governor Mead sent several comments to the Bureau ofContinue reading “Governor: Carbon, Sweetwater Counties Oil Play”

Wyoming Energy Makes Positive Impacts

In a recent mad dash to go through the stash of articles in my inbox I’ve neglected over the past month, I found some interesting articles about positive impacts Wyoming energy is making. I thought I’d share them with you in this week’s RealEnergy post. – RealPartner Liz Lauck – Wyoming Stock Growers Assn. WellContinue reading “Wyoming Energy Makes Positive Impacts”

Sage Grouse on the Sun Ranch

Working with other stakeholders is the norm for the Sun Ranch west of Casper, Wyo. Like any ranching operation, it is multi-faceted and complex at times. A series of cause and effects reflect on the landscape showing change regularly, some good and some bad. It is important for Dennis Sun, owner of the Sun RanchContinue reading “Sage Grouse on the Sun Ranch”

Trailing to the Mountains

The sun starts to lighten the skyline above the Wind River Mountains while the song birds can be heard singing and the warm and cool air currents can be felt as the cowboys ride across the sagebrush, BLM allotment to gather the cattle and start them marching north to summer pasture.  This is the beginningContinue reading “Trailing to the Mountains”

Touring the Jonah Field – Part I

Touring the Jonah Field – Part I Last fall I had the exciting opportunity to tour the Jonah Field, hosted by our friends at Encana Oil and Gas, USA. The Jonah Field is located south of Pinedale, Wyo. It covers about 30,000 acres and has resulted in millions of dollars in tax and royalty revenuesContinue reading “Touring the Jonah Field – Part I”

Spring Pasture

Editors Note: It’s already July and after a slow, cold, wet start, we’re finally in the swing of summer in Wyoming.  We neglected to put this post up in a more timely manner, but couldn’t let it wait until next year to share Jonita’s wonderful account of spring pasture and some history of grazing!  Continue reading “Spring Pasture”

Going Wild

NOTE: This article appeared in the March 5, 2011 issue of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and was written by Cat Urbigkit. It features Boulder-area rancher and County Commissioner, Joel Bousman. We posed a question about the Wild Lands Order on our Facebook page and want to share the testimony of a RealRancher. Boulder rancher JoelContinue reading “Going Wild”

Driving Part V

Day 5 – June 21, 2010 We pushed from what we call Barlow’s Corrals (the end of the driveway) to a place we call Mickey Adam’s today (It’s common practice for ranchers to name our pastures and other places on our ranches. This makes it easier to communicate when we’re conducting business). Not a bad drive,Continue reading “Driving Part V”

Driving Part IV

Day 4 – June 20, 2010 Today was an easy day and it provided a nice break after the last few days gathering off the Mesa.  The cattle are contained in a pretty small area at the drift fence, so they can’t wander far unless they go up the river where we want them. SoContinue reading “Driving Part IV”

Driving Part III

Day 3 – June 19, 2010 Things went fairly smooth today.  We were a little short on help for such a large area to gather, but things came together in the end.  The cows didn’t bother to move forward from where we left them yesterday, they just spread out, so there was a lot ofContinue reading “Driving Part III”

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