Driving Part III

Day 3 – June 19, 2010

Things went fairly smooth today.  We were a little short on help for such a large area to gather, but things came together in the end.  The cows didn’t bother to move forward from where we left them yesterday, they just spread out, so there was a lot of territory to cover in order to get them gathered.  However, as difficult as they were to get started, once we got them on the trail they stayed there pretty good and traveled forward.

Cow dog Chance heads across the sagebrush prairie of the Messa allotment to gather stray cows.

I was on a new colt (refers to either a male baby horse, or a horse still in training) today that I named Peach, he’s a palomino, and he did pretty good for his first day out moving cattle.  I found that I need spurs on to keep his attention and he is a little difficult to steer, but he was willing to work and didn’t pull any tricks and most important he didn’t try to buck on me.  I’ll give him a day’s rest and then ride him again.

Fellow rancher Jonita Sommers photographs the cattle drifting down the trail. Jonita is a member of the Upper Green River Cattlemen’s Association. She and her brother Albert own the Sommers’ Ranch.

Since the cattle came off of the Mesa yesterday, today we mostly just put them on the gravel road that follows along the Green River.  We end up at the Drift Fence when we finish out the day.  The Drift Fence is so named because in the fall the cattle drift back down from the mountain, mostly on their own, and we catch them at this fence, separate them, and take them home to our respective ranches.

The cattle rest at the Drift Fence after a long day of trailing down to summer pasture. Photo by Jonita Sommers.

From RealRancher Kent C. Price, Daniel, WY

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