Driving Part IV

Day 4 – June 20, 2010

Today was an easy day and it provided a nice break after the last few days gathering off the Mesa.  The cattle are contained in a pretty small area at the drift fence, so they can’t wander far unless they go up the river where we want them.

The cattle can't wander too far away at this strech of the cattle drive, making it easier for the ranchers to gather.

So we gathered the drift fence area and the area on the other side of the highway with relative ease and put the cows into the driveway.  The driveway is a trail with fences on both sides and it runs mostly along the highway.  Since the cattle are so closely contained it makes it easy to push them forward, at least until the calves get to tired or hot to travel any further.

Here's the driveway. Looks a little different than the one on your street, right? This driveway is a trail with fences on both sides, which pushes the cattle easily toward summer pasture.

I had a lot of fun today practicing my roping along with some of the other cowboys (mainly Shawn and Tanner Butner, also Nikki Marincic and Albert Sommers).  There were quite a few sick calves and we had to rope them and give them medicine.

The ranchers had to rope a few sick calves on the trip to give them medicine.

We were supposed to make it to the end of the driveway today, but the day got hot and the calves got tired so we had to stop a little short.  Making sure the cattle are healthy is a big priority. The cows will normally go ahead for water and then come back for their calves afterward and may even head up the trail later in the day or evening.

The drive takes the ranchers past the tiny town of Cora, Wyoming. Pop 300.

Cora, Wyoming, one of the spots along the way.

From RealRancher Kent C. Price, Daniel, WY

3 thoughts on “Driving Part IV

  1. HI..we are two dudes that stayed at the box r and rode for you..you and your fam were great and we will be back next year,God willing..it was a plearure to help you….

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