Jedidiah’s Week 7 Report at the Ladder Ranch

It’s hard to believe that a week has already flown by at the Ladder Ranch! We started out the week by trailing some more cattle to the forest. Most of them went okay, but there were a few that decided to take to the brush! After a lot of hard riding, I just had toContinue reading “Jedidiah’s Week 7 Report at the Ladder Ranch”

Aidan continues to learn with the Kane’s

This week was very interesting, both in the field and in the classroom. On Tuesdays David and I went into Sheridan and went on a weed tour over two ne species found in Sheridan county. The two species were Medusahead and Ventenata. Both are grasses that are highly invasive, and Ventenata is so invasive thatContinue reading “Aidan continues to learn with the Kane’s”

Mary’s week of cowboying and cleaning up

This week at Perry Cattle Co., I got to spend a lot of time in the saddle, and I got to clean the barn and some of the equipment. We needed to clean the barn so that we could brand and vaccinate the seven “slicks” (or unbranded calves) that had just been born or missedContinue reading “Mary’s week of cowboying and cleaning up”

Aidan’s week of fencing

This week I learned how to take down fence. Monday I took down quite a bit of fence, and I have to say, this is not the kind of work you want to be tall for. By the end of the day I felt like an old man walking around with a hunch back! TheContinue reading “Aidan’s week of fencing”

Jedidiah’s weekly work summary

We had another real Western week at the Ladder Ranch! We started off by branding another bunch of calves out on the desert. It was a swell time! We had a really good team of ropers and wrestlers, which helped get the work done quickly. After we had the branding out of the way, theContinue reading “Jedidiah’s weekly work summary”

Counting Sheep

Rangeland Intern Samantha McIntosh has been busy at work with all sorts of different animals on the ranch, but the last few weeks have been focused around the Ewes and Lambs. She got to have a mini “vacation” and travel to Sheridan County for the Environmental Stewardship Tour last week. Here is her update:  WhatContinue reading “Counting Sheep”

Catching up with Josiah and Daisy!

Before we jump into the new update, Josiah sent a fun summary about what he learned on the Environmental Stewardship Tour that we would like to share with you. After attending the full day tour on July 14th, Josiah was inspired by the experience and he had learned a lot about partnerships which was aContinue reading “Catching up with Josiah and Daisy!”

Week Five on Josiah’s Internship Adventures

Week five quickly came around the corner for the WSGA Rangeland Intern, Josiah. At the beginning of the week he got the chance to shadow John, one the working hands on the ranch. They did a wide variety of jobs like monitoring areas along the Sweet Water River, doing some plant identification and fence planning.Continue reading “Week Five on Josiah’s Internship Adventures”

Josiah, Rangeland Intern Working Hard from Day One

The WSGA has many opportunities for young adults to embrace agriculture, one which is through the Rangeland Internship Program. Josiah, a University of Wyoming student has entered the internship program and is working on the Nature Conservancy Red Canyon Ranch for the summer. Hoping to gain more experience with rangeland management, natural resources and learnContinue reading “Josiah, Rangeland Intern Working Hard from Day One”

Why Cows Wear Earrings

Even if you weren’t raised around livestock, you’ve probably noticed something hanging from those cows’ ears. Those aren’t fashion accessories, they are a part of ag-business management and our food-safety system in the US. Just like with humans, cattle are identified by gender. The guys are either bulls (uncastrated males) or steers (castrated males). TheContinue reading “Why Cows Wear Earrings”

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