Catching up with Josiah and Daisy!

Before we jump into the new update, Josiah sent a fun summary about what he learned on the Environmental Stewardship Tour that we would like to share with you. After attending the full day tour on July 14th, Josiah was inspired by the experience and he had learned a lot about partnerships which was a reoccurring theme during the tour. He began by mentioning that he enjoyed the diversity that the King Ranch had to offer. He was impressed by the partnerships the King Ranch maintains with the Forest Service, the High Plains Research Station, a wind farm and the Healing Waters Project. Thank you again Josiah for attending the tour and we are glad you enjoyed it.

Now for Josiah’s weekly update which is full of many odd jobs and projects. To begin the week, Josiah helped around the house cleaning. He helped with the gardening by weeding and putting up a deer fence.

As the week went on, Josiah picked up around the barns and sheds, leading to seven trips of pipes, old boards and branches that were taken to the junk pile. The wind really picked up this last week at the Red Canyon Ranch resulting in Josiah cleaning up many branches that had fallen from the trees. Of course life on a ranch wouldn’t be the same without some irrigating and fencing, and of course Josiah did some of that work too.


Josiah also gave us an update on Daisy, the mama milk cow that was introduced in the first journal. Daisy got mastitis and was sent to a professional to get better. Mastitis is when a cow has inflammation of a teat, resulting in improper lactation. There is good news, Daisy is better and in Josiah’s own words, “she is back and kicking, literally”.

Thanks for the update Josiah! Hear from you next week.

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