Starting off August Right!

It has been yet another busy week for our Rangeland Intern Josiah and to kick it off, he started fencing. Monday and Tuesday Josiah and a few others built two sets of fence, each around an acre of land. The hard work began at seven in the morning and ended around six each night. The fences were built for a study the BLM is conducting for a 20 year research study on eroding stream banks and riparian areas. Josiah thought it was interesting working on the study area because he saw a lot of Sage Grouse, he explained that, “they were everywhere”.

Vegitation Study Area

Josiah later in the week, worked on the irrigation ditches because water is running lower than it was at the beginning of the summer. It is a job that has to be constantly worked on so water can reach the crops.

Josiah worked so hard this week that he got to leave the ranch for a day and go visit the Freemont County Fair for some socialization and to watch the livestock shows! He was glad that he got to see some friends there as well.

The summer is almost over but Josiah has a few weeks left so keep reading to see how he ends his summer, in next week’s update!

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