Josiah, Rangeland Intern Working Hard from Day One

The WSGA has many opportunities for young adults to embrace agriculture, one which is through the Rangeland Internship Program.

Josiah, a University of Wyoming student has entered the internship program and is working on the Nature Conservancy Red Canyon Ranch for the summer. Hoping to gain more experience with rangeland management, natural resources and learn about stewardship, Josiah has taken the reins since day one.

The WSGA has asked Josiah to submit a weekly report of what he is learning and is accomplishing. Josiah sent his two week update and we are excited to hear what he has to say!

Week one was full of many adventures and lessons. Josiah learned how to build electric fence, kept up with some yard work and experienced the battle of long rains. After being drenched building fence, watching a bull get stuck in the culvert and irrigating the land every morning, Josiah has personally lived with the impacts of the large rains Wyoming has received.  Josiah also made a new friend on the ranch “on day 2 I met Daisy, the pregnant milk cow”. Now he might argue differently about the suborn cow but after saving her life from the creek she could not get out of, there has to be some sort of fondness between the two.

As week one ended and week two began the rains must have slowed down because the ranch did some branding, and sprayed leafy spurge. Josiah was also assigned to a very long chore of building fence. As stated in his journal “My arms hurt from the constant stretching I have to do on the wire, but I’m getting it done”. A young hard working man who is willing to get the work done, this is why the Rangeland Internship program is so wonderful. Ranchers get the help they need and students learn many life lessons, like hard work.

If you are interested in hearing more about Josiah’s summer adventure keep an eye out for the weekly updates.

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