Going Wild

NOTE: This article appeared in the March 5, 2011 issue of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and was written by Cat Urbigkit. It features Boulder-area rancher and County Commissioner, Joel Bousman. We posed a question about the Wild Lands Order on our Facebook page and want to share the testimony of a RealRancher. Boulder rancher JoelContinue reading “Going Wild”

Picking Your Crop & Planting the Seed

The Women’s Agriculture Summit was hosted by the Johnson County CattleWomen in Buffalo, Wyo. in late January. They had great inspirational speakers who spoke about a common theme of getting your agriculture story out before the anti-agriculture movement does. The main point I took from the summit was to “pick your crop and plant theContinue reading “Picking Your Crop & Planting the Seed”

Rancher Talk

Have your heifers started?  Did you have to pull very many?  When do the cows start?  All these questions are beginning to circulate between ranching neighbors at this time of year.  Have you heard any of this lingo and wonder, what in the world are they talking about?  This is a very important at thisContinue reading “Rancher Talk”

Ranchers Brand New Elementary School

On July 20, 2010, the Green River Valley Cowbelles organized a branding for the new Pinedale Elementary School. Forty-five ranchers from the Pinedale, Daniel, Boulder and Cora areas were called. Thirty-five ranchers showed up with their brands and 73 brands were put over the entrance to the school and the entrances to the three pods.Continue reading “Ranchers Brand New Elementary School”

Winter Grub from Summer Toil

As fall races ahead, closing the gap on winter, did you ever wonder how we ranchers feed our livestock during the snowy months? The pastures offer only a limited amount of forage during this time, so we supplement with hay, among other things. I live in Boulder, Wyo. where we only harvest our hay onceContinue reading “Winter Grub from Summer Toil”

Spying on grass (a.k.a. monitoring)

Sunday morning my family and I went out and had a fun time picking wild flowers and monitoring our federal spring grazing land.  We drove on the Oregon Trail trying to imagine our ancestors walking and riding in a covered wagon across this sagebrush flat with very little supplies. Our ancestors came here on the OregonContinue reading “Spying on grass (a.k.a. monitoring)”

Branding Time

The month of May in the Green River Valley is a whirwind of brandings. While folks in the city are running from one appointment to the next meeting, my schedule has my family and me flying between ranches. On my calendar I had 8 brandings to go to this month. All but one were neighbor brandings. We all trade help andContinue reading “Branding Time”

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