Ranchers Brand New Elementary School

On July 20, 2010, the Green River Valley Cowbelles organized a branding for the new Pinedale Elementary School. Forty-five ranchers from the Pinedale, Daniel, Boulder and Cora areas were called. Thirty-five ranchers showed up with their brands and 73 brands were put over the entrance to the school and the entrances to the three pods. Kent Price brought a branding stove and did most of the branding. Cotton Bousman, Coke Landers and I also brought branding stoves. To learn more about brands and how to “read” them, click here.

Green River Valley Ranchers setting up the branding stoves to heat the branding irons in the back of the new Pinedale Elementary School
Kent Price putting on the brands while one of the construction workers vacuumed the smoke
Ranchers (Dave, Zach and Margaret Noble with Jonita Sommers watching and instructing Kent Price on how to place the brands
Placing a brand on the Plains and Meadow Pod

Brands on Doorways at Pinedale Elementary School 2010

Plains and Meadows Pod Entry  (Brands read left to right on log)

Rancher, Town                 Brand Name

1.  Mary Kay Jensen, Boulder        S 9 Bar

2.  Aaron and Diane Wilson, Pinedale      V O

3.  Scot Noble, Cora          S Lazy S

4.  Zack Noble, Cora          Bootjack

5.  Pape Ranches, Daniel          M E

6.  Messed up brand          A and P (not a brand)

7.  Max and Dianne Boroff, Daniel        Buckfence

8.  Mandy Frank, Cora          H Bar Lazy T

9.  Swede McAlister, Daniel        Backwards D M Quarter Circle

10.  MaryAnne Almquist & Annie Espenscheid, Pinedale  Y T Slash

11.  Jim and Jamie Jensen, Boulder        L 7 Slash

12.  Roberta Bacheller, Pinedale        Wagon Hitch

13.  Hailey Noble, Cora          H L Bar

14.  Aaron and Diane Wilson, Pinedale      Lightning Bolt

15.  Roberta Bacheller, Pinedale        Rafter E

16.  Sommers Ranch, Pinedale        Open A P

Mountains and Forests Pod Entry

Rancher, Town                                Brand Name

1.  Murdock Cattle Company, Pinedale      Two Bar E

2.  Jerry A. Jensen, Boulder          N A Bar

3.  Donald and Marilyn Jensen, Boulder      B F

4.  Roberta Bacheller, Pinedale        Arrow P

5.  Reese Noble, Cora          Lazy T Bar

6.  Chuck and Chris Bacheller, Pinedale      Falling Rock

7.  Gene and Betty Lou Pearson, Daniel      Down E Spear

8.  Lozier’s Box R Ranch, Cora        Box R

9.  Carroll David Noble, Cora        Quarter Circle F

10.  James and Andrea Rogers, Pinedale      Two T

11.  Carroll David Noble, Cora        L V

12.  Grindstone Cattle Company, Daniel      Lazy Y Y

13.  Charles and Dee Ann Price, Daniel      Bar 7

14.  Irv and Robin Lozier, Cora        Lazy Y Spear

15.  Brook Noble, Cora          Z O

16.  Doug and Lynda Vickrey, Daniel        E F

Rivers and Streams Pod Entry

Rancher, Town                  Brand Name

1.  Jamie Blaha, Boulder          W Bar

2.  Jensen Ranch, Boulder          Bar O 4

3.  Klaren Cattle Company, Pinedale      Steer Head

4.  Tom Noble, Cora          A K Bar

5.  Justin and Sandy Wright, Boulder      Fish Tail

6.  Donald and Marilyn Jensen, Boulder      6 X Quarter Circle

7.  Mike Vickrey, Daniel          Slash D

8.  Kent and Dawn Price, Daniel        Bar Diamond

9.  Bousman Livestock, Boulder        Seat Hook

10.  Chris and Carla Sullivan, Boulder      Bar C S

11.  Dr. Tom Johnston, Pinedale        J T Reverse J

Main Entrance

Rancher, Town                 Brand Name

1.  Blaha Ranch, Boulder          T 2 Bar

2.  Charles Price, Daniel          Open Box Lazy T

3.  Carrie Jorgensen, Pinedale        Quarter Circle V Bar

4.  Albert and Jonita Sommers, Pinedale      O 4

5.  Price Ranch, Daniel          H Reverse 7 Bar

6.  Sommers Ranch, Pinedale        Quarter Circle V

7.  Swede McAlister, Daniel        Pea Tree

8.  Klaren Cattle Company, Pinedale      V Lazy P

9.  Briggs Ranch LLC, Pinedale        O L

10. Kristen Klaren, Pinedale         Reverse K Reverse N

11. Susan Briggs, Pinedale          N J

12. Mark Jones, Boulder          M J

13. Laurel Bousman, Boulder        Spider

14. Palmer Klaren, Pinedale          Reverse K Lazy 3

15. Walter Bousman, Boulder        Bar V Z

16. Sandy Bousman, Boulder        J Lazy J

17. Nick and Lora Nichols, Boulder        Upside Down T Slash Upside Down T

18.  Jonita Sommers, Pinedale        Two Spear

19. Albert Sommers, Pinedale        Lazy M F

20. Norm Richie, Boulder          Sixty-Six Quarter Circle

21.  Jep Richie, Boulder          P Anchor

From RealRancher Jonita Sommers –Pinedale, Wyo.

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