Driving Part VIII

Day 8 – June 24, 2010

Often times this day proves to be very difficult.  We move the cattle through a lot of trees and on steep hills.  The cows, especially yearlings (one-year-old cattle), will escape down the hill and into the trees.  A dog can prove invaluable on a day like today.  However, the cows missed their opportunity to misbehave this year.  They moved quickly and stayed on the trail.

Friends from the Box R Dude Ranch came along on the trail today.

The big excitement was a calf found stuck in between two trees.  The best we can figure is that he made a jump through the trees and didn’t make it.  Charles and Randy were able to remove him unharmed (except for his pride perhaps) while our friends Tom, and Gary and Jill (dudes from the Box R Dude Ranch) looked on and took pictures.

Taking care of business emails while I move cattle.

We pushed from Marsh Creek to the Circle S on today’s drive.  These latest days of the drive are the most enjoyable to me, we are further into the mountains, there is a lot of wildlife to see, there are trees for shade, and the cows seem to move better.

From RealRancher Kent C. Price – Daniel, WY

4 thoughts on “Driving Part VIII

  1. It’s fun to relive these days up there through your blog. Thumbs up on the pic of you and the cell phone. 🙂

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