Driving Part IX

Day 9 – June 25, 2010

Today’s drive is from the Circle S, through the Tin Whistle (a giant culvert under the highway), past the spot where the highway ends, and finally across the Kendall Bridge at the Green River.

The ranchers of the Upper Green River Drift cross the Green River.

We are getting into bear country now and I’m pretty sure I crossed the path of one bear.  A few head of cattle were all looking up into the trees and sniffing the air and when I rode close my horse got real nervous and snorted.  Eventually the animals settled down, so I think the bear moved on.  Grizzly bears and wolves create major difficulties for ranchers all around Sublette County and other parts of Wyoming.  The ranchers like us that move their cattle up onto US Forest for summer grazing lose many cattle (mostly calves) to the bears and wolves.  The stories about the wolves and bears killing only the sick and weak are completely false.  Typically they pass up the sick calves and go for a nice fat healthy one.  It makes sense too… if you are going to have a steak do you  get it from some old cow who is on her last leg and tough as old leather or do you barbecue up that  nice fat T-bone from a prime steer?  Wolves and bears aren’t stupid; they’re going to eat the best they can.

Real Ranchers Kent and Nikki rope a sick calf as fellow rancher Charles doctors the animal. No amount of doctoring will help the calves if they are attacked by the wolves that environmental activists introduced to the area several years ago. Photo by Jill Bontrager

From RealRancher Kent C. Price – Daniel, WY

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