Handle With Care

Safe, humane livestock handling practices   RealRancher Jim Hellyer explains safe and humane livestock handling practices on his ranch near Lander, Wyo. “Like most ranchers we take pride in how we treat our animals and we try to treat them as humanely and safely as possible,” Jim said. From RealRancher Jim Hellyer – Lander, Wyo.Continue reading “Handle With Care”

Hellyer’s Fall Drive

By Colin Beal Colin spent time in Wyoming this year working on ranches. He helped the Hellyer family for a short time before heading off to new adventures. This is his account of his experience gathering cattle. At 6 a.m., the National Anthem played over the radio at the breakfast table.  Like the beginning ofContinue reading “Hellyer’s Fall Drive”

The Contraption

con·trap·tion [kuh n-trap-shuhn] a mechanical contrivance; gadget; device. Have you ever built something that turned out not quite as intended?  Well, from time to time I have built some things which cost a lot of time, do actually work, but really need improvement. For example, consider my recent stab at a “portable fence corner.”  DependingContinue reading “The Contraption”

All Work and No Play Part II

In my last post about our snowmobiling fun, I left out the best part. You see I was saving the best for last! As can happen from time to time, unexpected things happen on a ranch. When Timmery and I were having fun up in the mountains on snowmachines we found a stranded cow, oneContinue reading “All Work and No Play Part II”

All work & no play makes a rancher dull

It’s not all work…sometimes we have fun too. Winter on our place usually means feeding the cows day after day in snow that seems to get deeper and deeper. However, with deep snow comes opportunity.  Timmery, my wife, and I like to take a few hours from time to time and go up in theContinue reading “All work & no play makes a rancher dull”

Weaning, Shipping and Preg Checking

I know, I know. Sometimes it sounds like we ranchers are speaking a different language. But don’t fret! We’re about ready to explain what “weaning,” “shipping,” and “preg checking” are… Weaning day is also shipping day for us. That means the calves that were sold last summer on a video sale and the females weContinue reading “Weaning, Shipping and Preg Checking”

Bleeping Pivot

I have been enjoying The Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet.  I especially like all of the bleeps used to cover up the “color” during the everyday ranch problems that seem to afflict us all. I am certainly not the last rancher around here and thankfully there is not a camera crew following me around. ThereContinue reading “Bleeping Pivot”

When Ranchers Go “Nuts”

It’s all about the nuts. Young bull* calves in one side, young steer* calves out the other.  My preferred method of castration starts with a very sharp clean knife and ends with two warm little oysters in the nut bucket.  It doesn’t take long; first a small slice across the scrotum, squeeze firmly for grip,Continue reading “When Ranchers Go “Nuts””

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