Bleeping Pivot

I have been enjoying The Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet.  I especially like all of the bleeps used to cover up the “color” during the everyday ranch problems that seem to afflict us all.

I am certainly not the last rancher around here and thankfully there is not a camera crew following me around. There would have been nothing but bleeps if a TV crew was present when one of my pivots was a mangled mess thanks to a severe wind storm. Even more editing would’ve been necessary if they’d caught footage of me discovering the water supply line feeding the newly seeded field was bubbling up in the field, instead of flowing out to the sprinklers. The culprit? A leaky pipe joint buried DEEP underground. The American public should be grateful I was not being filmed for their viewing pleasure. I, however, could have used some help.

I suppose I am more of a hybrid type of rancher.  I don’t have a helicopter and I am not especially fond of horses.  Motorcycles and 4-wheelers work for me.  My favorite characters on the show are the ones who remind me of myself or my family or a neighbor in certain situations. There is the real possibility that at least once per episode each main character could well be a part of my family or a neighbor.   Perhaps reality TV has a limited place…

From RealRancher Jim Hellyer – Lander, Wyo.

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