The Bovine Babysitters Club

Did you know that cows have babysitters? Just to be clear…I’m not talking about the adventures of teenage girls like in the Babysitters Club …I’m talking bovine to bovine, you know, helping a fellow cow out.

Aren't you glad your friends don't have this many kids? ...Or that you don't have this many kids?

Look out in the pasture on a sunny day and notice how most of the momma cows are busy eating while their calves are still lying down in a scattered group with a cow nearby to watch over them. She’ll be there to alert the others in case of danger (coyotes, other predators, or crazed paparazzi, they’re everywhere on the pastures of Wyoming). I wonder how those bovines decide who’s going to babysit, and how much to charge per hour.

From RealRancher DeeAnn B. Price – Daniel, WY

Pictures by Kent C. Price

One thought on “The Bovine Babysitters Club

  1. This is my favorite “babysitting” picture I took of a Holstein heifer babysitting two Brahman calves. I love watching the dynamics of the herd.

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