Cow Spa

Welcome to the Hamilton Cow Salon and Spa where we specialize in all the finest comforts for the bovine species! Located north of Keeline, Wyo., we work day and night to make sure our customers find their pasture stay delightful.

Today I’ll show you the new wave of skin…er…hide treatments for all you cows who want to look refreshed and rejuvenated (and fly free)! It all starts with a back rubber, a cowboy, a pickup truck and our top-of-the-line treatment.

The back rubber is all the rage among the cattle herds these days. This particular treatment station is located in a yearling steer (one-year old castrated male) pasture. Made of a permeable cotton cover and a soft stuffing of rags, the back rubber absorbs a mixture of permectrin (concentrated fly spray) and diesel fuel (helps the concoction stay on the hide through any weather conditions and helps it soak in).

Now to achieve the subtle glow all the cattle are going for, you first have to soak the back rubber with the mixture (kind of like a hot-towel treatment, only…not). One of our spa’s pickups will do the trick to get a really good angle on the job.

Now we only use a truly wonderful smelling mixture for our treatment. The diesel really gets you in that relaxed, spa-like state.

Our master salon-technician, Tom, is a pro when it comes to really getting the back rubber good and soaked. Many a bovine will be singing his praises as the cotton tube massages their back and infuses the natural oils into their hide. They’ll be gorgeous and fly free for weeks to come!

The jug isn’t really Rotella oil, I promise. We just have always implemented a recycling program at our establishment. Reuse, reduce, recycle! We were “green” before green was cool.

Great job Tom! The cattle will be lining up for miles just to take part in this tried-and-true hide treatment. They’ll walk under the cotton tube and the stresses of life in the fast lane will melt away as the treatment soaks into their hides. The benefits of this spa treatment will go beyond the initial comfort of the treatment. They be rid of the flies that bite and pester all day long. I can hear their sighs of relief and relaxation already.

All in a day’s work at the Hamilton Salon and Spa!

From RealRancher Heather Hamilton – Lusk, Wyo.

Check out more of Heather’s adventures at her own blog

Published by is a visit to the day-to-day lives of America’s original animal welfare advocates and environmentalists.

4 thoughts on “Cow Spa

  1. Started reading this and then realized I might know who this is!! Got to the second picture of Tom and then knew for sure. Haven’t seen one of these creations since I left Nebraska!!

  2. Hi Heather or Tom, too. This is my 1st time to your great site so I just wrote a long reply to DeeAnn on gardening for all of you. Well I went on and on, so I won’t this time…but I forgot to say how All the pictures were great. Glad to see everyone with computers and posting all this! must make the long winter days and miles between ranches and towns so much closer. AND say that I was moved by the BACK-RUBBER story and pics. One, because I have always and still am troubled by seeing farm animals having to endure horsefies relentlessly. So horrible. Back in the day I only had some purple stuff to rub my horse down with.TWO, because it was so wonderful to see a rancher caring about THIS!! THREE, because it was creative, smart and useful for others to see the pictures!TOM ROCKS!!! Love, Nan new fan of Real Ranchers

    1. Nan,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! All credit for the humorous and informative text goes to Liz at the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association!
      I will be sure to pass your thoughts on to Tom (my dad). If you want to look at similar posts I think my blog address is at the end of this post, and contains several similar photo stories.
      Thank you again, and feel free to suggest future topics for me!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Well I just now went thru my Dec emails. I didn’t see your blog address but I think maybe it is on the site. will check there for it. Thanks and have fun at it. Well I am having a real winter here in Georgia afterall. 15 degrees this morning and had 6 inches of snow this week with foot deep drifts. I’m sure you’ve seen Atlanta in the news. I am an hour and half north. But they don’t have many snow plows here so its a nightmare trying to clear roads. Atlanta only has 8 trucks for entire metropolitan area! A real testament to Global Warming…hotter summers, colder winters, everywhere in U.S. Hope you all are having a great New Year winter, safe and sound. Nan

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