Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty

When calving heifers (female cattle that haven’t had a calf yet), you inevitably have to help one now and then. This year we are pulling a few more calves than usual, which is a bull-related issue. The bull’s genetics in large part determine calf size and the bigger the calf, the harder to calve. We aren’t the sort to wait around several hours for a heifer to have a calf, which some people do. If she isn’t progressing in a timely fashion, we like to get her in and get the calf pulled before the heifer is worn out from trying to have her baby, and the calf is exhausted from being squeezed. It’s a system that works well for us.

RealRancher Heather Hamilton talks about pulling calves during calving season in Wyoming
This heifer is having trouble giving birth so RealRancher Heather Hamilton explains why and how cattle producers step in to aide the heifer and her calf.

Read more at RealRancher Heather Hamilton’s blog Double H Photography

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