Hard to be Humane

Humane treatment of livestock is something ranchers are doing continuously through their livestock management practices. Typically these actions improve the health and well-being of the animals in their care, and are enjoyable tasks for everyone. But, what about those situations where being humane and doing what’s best for the animal isn’t a fun practice? This post dives into one situation on an Eastern Wyoming ranch where keeping the animal’s best interest in mind wasn’t an enjoyable task, but still a necessary one to ensure the animal was treated as humanely as possible.

To read the full story visit RealRancher Heather Hamilton’s blog – Double H Photography

2 thoughts on “Hard to be Humane

  1. Great post! Showing the logical steps to the hard decisions and the caring, nurturing feelings that also play into the final decision is what readers need to see. The ranching/farming life is just plain hard and we appreciate the folks who have chosen it.

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