Remembering 9/11

It has been a decade since that terrible day on September 11, 2001. And although New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. are 2,000 miles from Wyoming, we felt the shock wave from sea to shining sea.

As the towers fell, we stood. No longer segmented by region, background or industry. We weren’t ranchers or city-dwellers. We were, and are, Americans.

Thank you to our friends for submitting their photos in remembrance of the fallen here at home and on the far away battlefields. God Bless America!

American Flag in Joplin, Missouri after the 2011 Tornado
Photo by Tara Bolgiano ( while in Joplin, MO
Little Boy with American Flag
Photo by Stephanie Amici-Keegan. She writes, "My son Colton carried this flag around for 2 years while his Daddy was in Iraq. He is about 2 1/2 here, his Dad had left on his 2nd birthday.
Cowboy with American Flag
Photo by Paul Colley (Lone Prairie Photograhy)
Flag on ranch fence in Colorado
Photo by 191 Livestock Company (
American Flag waving
Photo by Marty Wilson
Rodeo Queen carries flag on horse
Photo by Paul Colley (Lone Prairie Photograhy)
The Jerry Palen Calf sculpture in front of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association office in Cheyenne.
Photo by Wyoming Stock Growers Association ( or
American flag on buckboard wagon
Photo by Performance Genetic Network of Strasburg, Colo. (find them on Faceboook!)
Young cowboy riding miniature bull at the Wyoming State Fair during Star Spangled Banner
Photo by Liz Lauck of Wheatland, Wyo.
Horse and rider carrying American Flag
Photo by Christy Martinez (

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