A Filipino in Wyoming

My wife, Lovella Dawn has sometimes found it difficult coping with the wide-open spaces and the lack of people in Wyoming.  She is originally from the Philippines near the capitol, Manila.  Manila and surrounding greater suburbs has a population of approximately 20 million people — about 40 times the entire state of Wyoming.

After getting married while living in Wisconsin we moved back to the ranch I grew up on, which my great-grandfather originally homesteaded.  Although she had visited before, nothing can quite prepare a person to live on a ranch in Wyoming if they’ve never done it before, but her love of animals helped her through those first hard times. Now she gets involved in working cows in the corrals, she pulls calves in the spring, she takes care of her chickens, and the entire cat herd follows her everywhere she goes.

Just the other day my wife came back from town (Pinedale, Wyo.) complaining about the traffic and the number of people at the grocery store. Pinedale only has a population of 1,400…I think she’s converted!

Native Filipino and RealRancher Lovella Dawn Price pulls a kid goat when its mother had trouble during birthing.

This goat was having trouble giving birth to her kids (baby goats) so she needed some help.  My wife’s hands are quite small and would cause less pain for the goat when helping her give birth.  Lovella Dawn pulled the first kid out, a little billy (male) goat with dewlaps (A dewlap is a fold of skin that hangs down under the throat.  Goats often have two dewlaps.) and then the mother goat had the second kid on her own, a little nanny (female).


I think this Filipino is a true Wyomingite.

From RealRancher Kent Price – Daniel,WY

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5 thoughts on “A Filipino in Wyoming

  1. Hi, Kent!
    This is a terrific story! What an amazing change for your wife from Palm Trees to the kind of wind that straightens curly hair!

    I was born in Wyoming and also grew up in that great state. While I lived there, I worked on a couple of ranches, but I never caught the ranching bug – or it didn’t catch me! After high-school, I left for the bright city lights.

    Now my family lives outside Atlanta, and we have a daughter who wishes to be a vetenarian for rural communities. (I have no idea from where that came!)She volunteers at the pet clinic nearby during the summers and longs to ride horses and be out in natural surroundings.

    We recently returned from a trip to Wyoming where I grew up. She learned a little about the life of ranchers there and is pretty sure that’s where she wants to live after she graduates from Vet school. (Dang! Not that I don’t love it there, too, but I am still thawing out from the Winter of ’72 that hit Pinedale so hard.)

    Thank you for doing this blog and maintaining a page on Facebook. I hope you will give it plenty of time to take off. True Wyomingites only hurry for the weather!

    A Southern Peach (in disguise)

    1. Hi Doreen,

      Thank you for the comments. When your daughter becomes a veterinarian I hope she comes to this community and becomes a big animal vet. All of our bets are retired or getting close to it and we need some new vets.

  2. Good to know that there’s a pinay somewhere in WY. We visited the State last month (Aug 6 – 9/2012). We love the place particularly Casper. Seemingly most of the people are friendly. Others go in the warmer place when they retire, we’re thinking the opposite. Of course, there’s always Phils. to go to during winter cold season in WY. BTW, we’re from TX and allergens are a pest.

  3. Good to know there is a piney who ranches. I’m a filipino from San Fernando. Raised in the US most of my life. Live in Texas and have a ranch. I raise Brangus cattle and have a few chickens. Looking to expand and raise Brahman cattle with an AI program. Fortunate to be well-off to have majority of the equipment and facilities to work cattle. It’s pretty rare to find a pinay who raises cattle. Wish I could see more here in the US. Nice to see someone out there.

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