Biddy Biddy Gone!

We’re having a live fundraising auction as part of our convention this week. It’s in Wyoming. But you can bid, too! Even if you’re in Boston or Chicago or Los Angeles or Kalamazoo. (Rhyme intended). Thanks to the wondrous power of the Internet, you can bid on the amazing things up for auction, including someContinue reading “Biddy Biddy Gone!”

The Good Mama Blues & Cowboy Entertainment

This week we’re directing you over to RealRancher Ondi Shepperson’s blog to read her two latest posts. Ondi has a unique style and captures some great ranching moments and we’re honored she let’s us share her posts! Good Mama Blues Cowboy Entertainment On an unrelated note, if you’re ever in Ondi’s neck of the woodsContinue reading “The Good Mama Blues & Cowboy Entertainment”

Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty

When calving heifers (female cattle that haven’t had a calf yet), you inevitably have to help one now and then. This year we are pulling a few more calves than usual, which is a bull-related issue. The bull’s genetics in large part determine calf size and the bigger the calf, the harder to calve. WeContinue reading “Pulling A Calf: No one ever said it was pretty”

Bulls…and more bulls

Males, particularly males of the bovine species, can be very irritating and time consuming. Bulls seem to be uncontrollable starting in late March and ending in November. You never know where or when they have gone gallivanting off. You think they are in your pasture, especially made for bulls, but when you look there isContinue reading “Bulls…and more bulls”


There are different ways to fertilize the ground you grow your crops on.  Our crop is hay.  We grow it in the summer so we have something to feed the cattle in the winter.  When the cows come home from their summer pasture in the fall they are left to roam and graze in theContinue reading “Fertilizer”

Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful

Sixteen Niobrara County agriculture women have dedicated six weeks to increase their knowledge and skill base to better understand and manage risk in their families ranching business. These women will receive 18 hours of education in the areas of production, legal, financial, marketing and human risk, all dedicated to helping improve their families agriculture basedContinue reading “Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful”

Fall Looks Good

Fall is looking good in Crook County, Wyoming.Rancher and Wyoming State Senator Ogden Driskill took this photo recently of his heifers (young female cattle that haven’t calved or have just had their first calf) on his ranch which is located near Devils Tower. Devils Tower was the first U.S. National Monument and has quite theContinue reading “Fall Looks Good”

A Different Kind of Tourist

The 2011 Wyoming Angus Tour, Sept. 17-18 in Southwestern Wyoming, was a success with breeders from every corner of the state making the trip to Lincoln and Sublette Counties. According to the American Angus Association, Angus cattle first came to America from Scotland in 1873. The breed is naturally hornless and most are black orContinue reading “A Different Kind of Tourist”

All Aboard the Hay Train

“With the lingering snow and cold temperatures this spring, many ranchers in eastern Wyoming are having to purchase additional feed. My dad and brother have a trucking company, and are often hired to procure, and/or deliver this feed, when it’s hay. This post follows my brother as he delivers one load to a fellow NiobraraContinue reading “All Aboard the Hay Train”

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