Bon Appetit!

Cattle standing in a bunch on the feedground waiting for the rancher to feed them is a familiar scene throughout the Green River Valley.  A few ranchers still use a team and sleigh to feed their cattle, but most ranchers use a tractor with a heated cab hooked on a bale feeder that is runContinue reading “Bon Appetit!”

Rancher Talk

Have your heifers started?  Did you have to pull very many?  When do the cows start?  All these questions are beginning to circulate between ranching neighbors at this time of year.  Have you heard any of this lingo and wonder, what in the world are they talking about?  This is a very important at thisContinue reading “Rancher Talk”

All work & no play makes a rancher dull

It’s not all work…sometimes we have fun too. Winter on our place usually means feeding the cows day after day in snow that seems to get deeper and deeper. However, with deep snow comes opportunity.  Timmery, my wife, and I like to take a few hours from time to time and go up in theContinue reading “All work & no play makes a rancher dull”

Just Feedin’ Cows…and Deer!

Things have slowed down on the ranch now.  We aren’t pushing cows and we aren’t shipping cows, that’s all over with.  Now it’s time to settle in for the winter.  Most of our time is spent feeding the cattle and finishing or starting odd projects around the place that need doing.  We’ve made it throughContinue reading “Just Feedin’ Cows…and Deer!”

Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift

It’s so hard to find good children’s books that are based in agriculture, but a new story from a real ranch wife is just that! We’re featuring it on today as another way to share agriculture stories with you. Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift follows the youngster as she performs her everyday ranch chores andContinue reading “Elizabeth’s Christmas Eve Gift”

Another Rancher’s Gamble – Bull Sales

Auctioneers, bulls, ranchers, food and often cold weather are all part of a bull sale. Each year ranchers have to buy new bulls (male cattle who have not been castrated) to put with their cows for breeding the next summer.  Bull sales usually take place in the months of October through March. Usually on theContinue reading “Another Rancher’s Gamble – Bull Sales”

Ranchers Brand New Elementary School

On July 20, 2010, the Green River Valley Cowbelles organized a branding for the new Pinedale Elementary School. Forty-five ranchers from the Pinedale, Daniel, Boulder and Cora areas were called. Thirty-five ranchers showed up with their brands and 73 brands were put over the entrance to the school and the entrances to the three pods.Continue reading “Ranchers Brand New Elementary School”

Weaning, Shipping and Preg Checking

I know, I know. Sometimes it sounds like we ranchers are speaking a different language. But don’t fret! We’re about ready to explain what “weaning,” “shipping,” and “preg checking” are… Weaning day is also shipping day for us. That means the calves that were sold last summer on a video sale and the females weContinue reading “Weaning, Shipping and Preg Checking”

Cry Babies

Weaning cattle is a fun time on ranching operations. The calves you’ve worked so hard to raise are ready to go either to the feedlot or to market. It’s a rewarding time both mentally and financially. For those of you with 35-year-old children still living at home, you’ll find the concept of weaning very useful.Continue reading “Cry Babies”

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