REAL Housewives

Many of you are probably aware of the “Real Housewives” reality TV shows. These show depict spoiled, out-of-touch women across the nation and they call it entertainment. Well, a great post on Fox News by Patrick Dorinson,  The Cowboy Libertarian, has a very interesting take on who American women should look to as good examples.Continue reading “REAL Housewives”

Coming Home for Winter

As the temperature cools, the leaves turn to brilliant yellow and orange colors, the days shorten and eventually snow appears on the mountain summer range, the cattle head for home. The cows are just like the deer and antelope. They start migrating to the home ranch as the fall weather start to send reminders ofContinue reading “Coming Home for Winter”

Super Cow

We had a purebred angus cow that wasn’t holding still long enough for her calf to eat.  Confining her in the corral gave her calf a chance to finally get his dinner. By the next day the old gal felt like she had things in hand and was determined to leave as soon as possible. HerContinue reading “Super Cow”

Gardening…Sublette County, Wyo. Style

I hear it all the time. “You can’t grow a garden here.” “It’s too cold!” (An elevation of 7,192 feet doesn’t help much either). There is no doubt that we can have frost here any day of the year.  We usually can’t plant until the first of June and sometimes even later than that. Tomatoes,Continue reading “Gardening…Sublette County, Wyo. Style”

Cow Spa

Welcome to the Hamilton Cow Salon and Spa where we specialize in all the finest comforts for the bovine species! Located north of Keeline, Wyo., we work day and night to make sure our customers find their pasture stay delightful. Today I’ll show you the new wave of skin…er…hide treatments for all you cows whoContinue reading “Cow Spa”

The Bovine Babysitters Club

Did you know that cows have babysitters? Just to be clear…I’m not talking about the adventures of teenage girls like in the Babysitters Club …I’m talking bovine to bovine, you know, helping a fellow cow out. Look out in the pasture on a sunny day and notice how most of the momma cows are busy eating while theirContinue reading “The Bovine Babysitters Club”

Bleeping Pivot

I have been enjoying The Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet.  I especially like all of the bleeps used to cover up the “color” during the everyday ranch problems that seem to afflict us all. I am certainly not the last rancher around here and thankfully there is not a camera crew following me around. ThereContinue reading “Bleeping Pivot”

Another Day at the Office

The cows have been up on US Forest grazing allotments for more than a month now. The Upper Green River Cattlemens Association pays riders to stay on the mountain with the cows and move them around to prevent overgrazing, watch for problems, doctor the sick, and keep an eye out for bear and wolf problems. While these ridersContinue reading “Another Day at the Office”

When Grizzly Meets Calf – Not a pretty picture

We helped one of our riders push cows to a different grazing area in the Teepee Creek allotment the end of July.  It was a beautiful day.  The cows were gathered from a large area in small bunches and pushed toward the new grazing area. The beautiful day quickly turned, let’s say, not so beautiful.Continue reading “When Grizzly Meets Calf – Not a pretty picture”

A Filipino in Wyoming

My wife, Lovella Dawn has sometimes found it difficult coping with the wide-open spaces and the lack of people in Wyoming.  She is originally from the Philippines near the capitol, Manila.  Manila and surrounding greater suburbs has a population of approximately 20 million people — about 40 times the entire state of Wyoming. After getting marriedContinue reading “A Filipino in Wyoming”

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