A Salute to Rural Moms

Moms are special! Here at RealRanchers.com we share and celebrate rural Wyoming living and, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to recognize Rural Mother’s everywhere. Our Facebook followers (those who like us, who really like us!) came up with this list of “You Might Be A Rural Mom If…” Only edited slightly for formattingContinue reading “A Salute to Rural Moms”

Spring Cleaning, Part II

Last week we published a love story. Rancher meets manure; rancher gathers manure; rancher spreads manure. It gets me all choked up inside! Ok, so maybe it’s not quite a love story. Nonetheless, the photos I found online to illustrate the manure saga, didn’t quite do justice to this part of ranch life. So lastContinue reading “Spring Cleaning, Part II”

Spring Cleaning

It’s a Crappy Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do It! Cleaning the corrals and dragging the meadows are spring cleaning chores for ranchers. Scattering manure for fertilizer can also be part of spring cleaning. As soon as the frost is out of the top of the ground a rancher’s spring cleaning starts. This is usually theContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Going Wild

NOTE: This article appeared in the March 5, 2011 issue of the Wyoming Livestock Roundup and was written by Cat Urbigkit. It features Boulder-area rancher and County Commissioner, Joel Bousman. We posed a question about the Wild Lands Order on our Facebook page and want to share the testimony of a RealRancher. Boulder rancher JoelContinue reading “Going Wild”

All Aboard the Hay Train

“With the lingering snow and cold temperatures this spring, many ranchers in eastern Wyoming are having to purchase additional feed. My dad and brother have a trucking company, and are often hired to procure, and/or deliver this feed, when it’s hay. This post follows my brother as he delivers one load to a fellow NiobraraContinue reading “All Aboard the Hay Train”

Celebrate! We’re Not Hungry & Naked

Today is National Ag Day and we’re celebrating the industry that is responsible for providing the necessities of everyday life … food, fiber, clothing, fuel and countless other necessities. In other words ag makes sure we’re not hungry and naked! The National Ag Day program is committed to increasing public awareness about American agriculture. AsContinue reading “Celebrate! We’re Not Hungry & Naked”


Northern Niobrara County is typically a semi-arid region, and while flash floods are somewhat common during the summer months, winters are usually relatively dry. Not so this year. Flooding and ice build up were a constant problem in January and February, and continue to make travel, feeding and calving difficult in the area. The GreasewoodContinue reading “Flooding”

Picking Your Crop & Planting the Seed

The Women’s Agriculture Summit was hosted by the Johnson County CattleWomen in Buffalo, Wyo. in late January. They had great inspirational speakers who spoke about a common theme of getting your agriculture story out before the anti-agriculture movement does. The main point I took from the summit was to “pick your crop and plant theContinue reading “Picking Your Crop & Planting the Seed”

Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home

Although the cows have been at their winter home for some time now, I want to discuss why my cows change residence during the winter months. My cows have been temporarily relocated since early December 2010. Wintertime conditions around Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming can be quite adverse at times. We have the ability to receiveContinue reading “Taking the Ol’ Girls to Their Winter Home”

All Work and No Play Part II

In my last post about our snowmobiling fun, I left out the best part. You see I was saving the best for last! As can happen from time to time, unexpected things happen on a ranch. When Timmery and I were having fun up in the mountains on snowmachines we found a stranded cow, oneContinue reading “All Work and No Play Part II”

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