Farmer Vacation to the Ag Connect Expo

My farmer husband and I took a drive to a little farm show in Kansas City last week. Okay, so the trip was actually 2,000 miles and the little farm show was the Ag Connect Expo which drew a crowd of 11,000. But, who’s keeping track? We heard about Ag Connect through a direct mailing,Continue reading “Farmer Vacation to the Ag Connect Expo”

Dry Season

The days unfold–one warm dry sunny day after the next.  The neighbors gather and talk of only one subject–when will it snow?  We all have tales to tell.  Only two years ago, we were lamenting because we had to start feeding hay two weeks before Thanksgiving.  This year, some of us still have some roughContinue reading “Dry Season”

Handle With Care

Safe, humane livestock handling practices   RealRancher Jim Hellyer explains safe and humane livestock handling practices on his ranch near Lander, Wyo. “Like most ranchers we take pride in how we treat our animals and we try to treat them as humanely and safely as possible,” Jim said. From RealRancher Jim Hellyer – Lander, Wyo.Continue reading “Handle With Care”

Why Cows Wear Earrings

Even if you weren’t raised around livestock, you’ve probably noticed something hanging from those cows’ ears. Those aren’t fashion accessories, they are a part of ag-business management and our food-safety system in the US. Just like with humans, cattle are identified by gender. The guys are either bulls (uncastrated males) or steers (castrated males). TheContinue reading “Why Cows Wear Earrings”

Fall Cow Work

With the bite of winter cold in the air, the cowboy steps up on a horse to gather the cattle. The dawn light breaks over the sky and the breath of each animal is visible. All of the neighbors are at the ranch to help with this work, just as all the ranchers will beContinue reading “Fall Cow Work”

Spring Time Jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the fault of this busy editor, I didn’t get this wonderful post up in a timely manner, but it’s just too good to wait until next spring to share. So here is Katie’s Spring 2012 experience…even though it’s August. Thanks for putting up with me. – LL Spring time!! The grassContinue reading “Spring Time Jobs”

Cattle Pot

Every wondered how ranchers get their cattle moved from place to place on those big trucks and trailers? Check out how cattle are carefully loaded onto this two-story trailer, called a cattle pot, specifically designed to safely and efficiently move them to their summer and winter homes when trailing them from place to place isn’tContinue reading “Cattle Pot”

Cowboy Vacation (a.k.a. Bull Sale)

We went on a cowboy vacation recently, also known as an overnight trip to a bull sale.  Ranchers have varying opinions about bulls.  In my opinion they are an important investment, a way to improve our cattle herd with better genetics.  We have a budget, but try to buy the best bulls we can afford.Continue reading “Cowboy Vacation (a.k.a. Bull Sale)”

Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful

Sixteen Niobrara County agriculture women have dedicated six weeks to increase their knowledge and skill base to better understand and manage risk in their families ranching business. These women will receive 18 hours of education in the areas of production, legal, financial, marketing and human risk, all dedicated to helping improve their families agriculture basedContinue reading “Never Stop Learning: Local ranch women make Annie’s Project successful”

Dirty Job

You’ve all seen Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the Discovery Channel, right? Well Dr. George Harty can relate. Our thoughts go out to the person that does George’s laundry. From RealRanchers, the Hamilton Family – Lance Creek, WY

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