Sausage and other career opportunities

Thirty-two 4-H youth from Niobrara, Natrona and Converse counties took part in a three day retreat at the University of Wyoming campus, Nov. 19 -21. This three day retreat was part of the Wyoming Youth Leadership Education program which is currently focusing on career and workforce preparation. The retreat began with a full campus tour,Continue reading “Sausage and other career opportunities”

Encana & The Christmas Tree

In 2005, Encana Oil & Gas developed an innovative method of protecting wildlife habitat by decreasing surface disturbance and speeding the re-vegetation of disturbed sites. Encana’s project includes laying down 8 x 13-foot wooden oak mats on the surface instead of disturbing plants and soil by scraping roads and well pads.  Creating an artificial locationContinue reading “Encana & The Christmas Tree”

REAL Housewives

Many of you are probably aware of the “Real Housewives” reality TV shows. These show depict spoiled, out-of-touch women across the nation and they call it entertainment. Well, a great post on Fox News by Patrick Dorinson,  The Cowboy Libertarian, has a very interesting take on who American women should look to as good examples.Continue reading “REAL Housewives”

Are you ready for some ranchers?

…We are too! And we’re on track to getting the blog back up again! Thanks for all you loyal followers who are practicing patience (are we done practicing yet? should be pros by now…) while this tech-a-phob tries to figure out how to bring you the awesome ranching messages from our RealRanchers! Together in agriculture,Continue reading “Are you ready for some ranchers?”

The Doctors Are In

Ever wonder how agriculturists know all that they know? I mean between needing to be economists, accountants, agronomists, entomologists, animal scientists, meteorologists…the list goes on…how can they possibly learn all they need to learn? Well most Wyoming ranchers have Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even PhD’s from accredited universities. And most of them grew up in the ranching business, gaining a lifetimeContinue reading “The Doctors Are In”

Baggs Bloggers

Baggs, Wyo. is one of those tiny communities in Wyoming you have to get to on purpose. It’s not on an interstate route and it’s not on the way to a larger city like Casper or Denver or Billings. You have to want to go there. You need to have a reason.   I was lucky enoughContinue reading “Baggs Bloggers”

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