The Gal Behind the Curtain

You know how in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy gets really curious about what’s going on behind that curtain as she and her crew are talking to the giant head of the wizard? He said, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” He was making magic happen and didn’t want it spoiled.

Just as in the Wizard of Oz, there is always someone behind the curtain at

Well folks, I hate to spoil the magic, but I must reveal that I am the (wo)man behind the curtain of I’m only exposing my identity because I don’t want you to think has abandoned you for the next two weeks.

Wyoming Stock Growers Association Outreach Coordinator
Here I am, Liz LeSatz, being revealed as the gal behind the scenes of (I was hiding in a trunk, not behind a curtain, I am WAY tougher than that wimpy wizard). However, I don't always look like Tony Soprano got me.

We have a great system here at Our talented ranchers and rural community members send their posts to me and I pop them online. Not that I’m a control freak (well, I am, but that’s not the reason for the system). It’s just faster and easier for our contributors who are busy caring for their livestock, stewarding their land and keeping rural Wyoming humming. contributors, the Bousmans, are great stewards. They monitor their land to make sure they are properly grazing (not too much and not too little).

But for the next two weeks I will be absent from the blogosphere due to a little custom we call a wedding. That’s right folks, one of Wyoming’s finest stole my heart five years ago and we’re tying the knot on Jan. 8!

Liz is getting married to a farmer!
Liz & Tyler. Tyler farms sugar beets, corn, pinto beans and barley in Wyoming. Photo by Double H Photography

For the next two weeks I won’t be posting the fun, interesting and informative material you’ve come to love and expect from due to my need to plan the final details (control freak again) and go on a honeymoon.

Is that a tear I see? Don’t cry, fret, wring your hands or break out the Ben & Jerry’s just yet! Because as Dorothy so wisely stated, “There’s no place like home.” I’ll be back before you know it and we’ll be in full swing again bringing you gems like this…

Native filipino and RealRancher Lovella Dawn Price pulls a kid goat when its mother had trouble during birthing.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of these great Wyoming agriculture blogs and we’ll be seein’ ya next year!

Heather Hamilton

The Real Life of a Ranch Hand’s Wife

Pat & Sharon O’Toole

Red Dirt In My Soul

Happy New Year!

From RealPartner Liz LeSatz – Wyoming Stock Growers Association

Published by is a visit to the day-to-day lives of America’s original animal welfare advocates and environmentalists.

6 thoughts on “The Gal Behind the Curtain

  1. Love it Liz! I have a conference in February with a Wizard of Oz theme. I’m planning on a large exhibit area called “Time to Pull Back the Curtain,” which focuses on farmers telling their own stories through social media. Great minds think a like!

  2. Man! NewMember Nan here. Well some people would be too embarrassed to show back up after my introduction letter all about SUGARBEETS…but as a blonde maybe I am too dumb for my own good! Hey, how was I too know Tyler is farming sugarbeets in Wyo. until I just read Honeymoon Break by Liz!! But the important thing is…Told you so!…Beets ARE a cold-weather crop! I also told you “I have stories”, so I will, hopefully, redeem myself with one now. Here goes…also just enjoyed Jonita’s ‘chicks by mail’ story and pics. Like I said I grew up on a farm so one of my pleasures was feeding the chickens in an old tractor tire cut in half, watching all their behaviors and staying out of the mean roosters’ way. But the story is from a girlfriend that used to work in the call-center for The Sears&Roebuck Tele-catalog, back in the day when they had one. TRUE STORY though it sounds like comedy central….This old lady farmer in Alaska ordered 25 ducklings from my girlfriend over the phone…told her they would arrive in 2wks. In 2wks she got a callback from grandma farmer …FURIOUS!…ALL THE DUCKLINGS WERE DEAD! Now this is where my imagination picks up…I picture this tall, large, strong, single, farmwoman, making it on her own in the harsh wild all these years and didn’t last by letting anyone get ANYTHING over her….this is basically what she told my friend, loudly!…so my friend is just trying to get a word in edgewise while she rants that she WILL GET all her money refunded even if she is alll the way up in Alaska,etc…and friend tells her to calm down …that ALL she has to do is send back the bills on the side of the box and she

  3. part 2 of Alaska duckling story continued from Nan…don’t read this first unless you want the punch line first…..All she has to do is send back the bills from side of box and she WILL GET a full refund!!Well most likely in the phone-delay reception in calls from Alaska, there was a misunderstanding…because in another 2wks…true story…the call-center received a package from grandma farmer…the same box with ALL 25 DUCK BILLS!!!!OMG! I picture her vividly…hanging up the phone …furious but determined…thinking that no-way did Sears think she had the gumption to do what they said and send each duck BILL back to receive her refund! And with hatchet in hand , her saying I’LL SHOW THEM!!!

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