Jedidiah Learns Outside of the Ranch

Weekly Work Summary- June 19-24, 2017 This week we finally licked the first cutting of hay. After swathing on three different days, we got the last meadow laid down. Although we were hindered by the fact that we blew two tires in the process. The first tire was on the swather tractor, so we swappedContinue reading “Jedidiah Learns Outside of the Ranch”

Intern Andrew’s Garrett Ranch Experience

All rangeland interns were present at the Garrett Ranch Environmental Stewardship Tour. Andrew Mainini took note of many interesting facts covered throughout the course of the day on the ranch. The Garrett Ranch is located in Casper, Wyoming and is the 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award recipient. The Garret ranch is a family owned and operatedContinue reading “Intern Andrew’s Garrett Ranch Experience”

Tyler’s Take on the Environmental Stewardship Tour

Tyler Flatt had a very busy week, between keeping things in line at the Ladder Ranch and traveling to Casper for the Environmental Stewardship Tour and presentation of the Leopold Conservation Award, which was awarded to the Garrett Ranch.  This week has been a little slower week than normal. Monday I disked and leveled theContinue reading “Tyler’s Take on the Environmental Stewardship Tour”

More Adventures at the Ladder Ranch for Tyler

Like the past few weeks, this week has been super busy around the ranch. On Monday a few of us went to a pasture to clean it up and brand a few cows that we missed the last time. Tuesday, we docked about 800 more sheep. We were shorthanded this day so it took quiteContinue reading “More Adventures at the Ladder Ranch for Tyler”

Andrew: 1 Month in at the E Bar U

This past week marks the end of my first month on the E Bar U and I couldn’t be more excited about the time I’ve spent here as well as what the next couple months will bring. Hay season is in full swing as we are consistently busy cutting, raking, bailing and hauling from ourContinue reading “Andrew: 1 Month in at the E Bar U”

Goats, Invasive Species & Other Odd Jobs

Jedidiah Hewlett has been busy with swathing hay, preparing for a shipment of goats, and welcoming new members to the Perry Cattle Company this past week.  This week we welcomed the Perry’s niece (and family) to the ranch. Jeff and Amie Metzger have two boys, one is 5 years old and the other 6 months.Continue reading “Goats, Invasive Species & Other Odd Jobs”

Tyler: The All-around Ranch Hand

Intern Tyler Flatt has his hands very full at the Ladder Ranch. He has done a variable of things just in the last week, including (but not limited to) roofing, moving bulls and cows, and spending time with plenty of sheep.  June is one of the busiest months of the year here at the LadderContinue reading “Tyler: The All-around Ranch Hand”

Rangeland Intern Noah Schick: Storms, Landslides, Wrestling & Butterflies at the Red Canyon Ranch

This week Red Canyon ranch saw the biggest thunderstorm since 2010.  Over the course of one night it received two and a half inches of rain. Much of the week was spent repairing damage from the rain storm.  Several large boulders fell off the rim of red canyon severing some pipelines to the house. IrrigationContinue reading “Rangeland Intern Noah Schick: Storms, Landslides, Wrestling & Butterflies at the Red Canyon Ranch”

Learning the Haying Ropes

Intern Jedidiah Hewlett learned the hard way how much goes into cutting and bailing hay this past week at the Perry Cattle Company. A few parts and operator errors later, he got the hang of things, and was able to finish off the week horseback with some cattle herding.  This week we started haying. IContinue reading “Learning the Haying Ropes”

Andrew Attends the Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention

Intern Andrew Mainini was able to make the trek to Buffalo for the 2017 Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show. His biggest takeaway from last week was the changes in the beef industry and how it will start to be labeled and sold. He was also able to get in on a little bitContinue reading “Andrew Attends the Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention”

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