Rangeland Intern Noah Schick: Storms, Landslides, Wrestling & Butterflies at the Red Canyon Ranch

This week Red Canyon ranch saw the biggest thunderstorm since 2010.  Over the course of one night it received two and a half inches of rain. Much of the week was spent repairing damage from the rain storm.  Several large boulders fell off the rim of red canyon severing some pipelines to the house. Irrigation pipes were washed out of place. The most dramatic result was a land slide on one of the pastures. Roughly a quarter acre of soil, twenty feet deep washed away in a single morning. No one on the ranch had ever seen a landslide so dramatic.

There was a branding held at the Ranch on Sunday. This time instead of pushing the calves into a shoot, we wrestled the calves. We also cleared a path on the ranch for the nature conservancy to hold a butterfly catching day for kids in Lander on June 16th. We also put up fence reflectors to prevent animals from running into the fences.

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