Intern Tyler Flatt has his hands very full at the Ladder Ranch. He has done a variable of things just in the last week, including (but not limited to) roofing, moving bulls and cows, and spending time with plenty of sheep. 

June is one of the busiest months of the year here at the Ladder Ranch. On Monday Randy and I finally got done putting the roof on that cabin. It looks nice now that it’s done. Tuesday I helped with irrigation again. I had to move tarps in the meadows to help the flood irrigation flow. That was fun until I fell in and got wet. After this we had to go get the bulls out of the pasture and we got all but one and I had to ride around and find it which took a while.

Wednesday I got the yard cleaned up around the cabin with the new roof then went to a pasture to help put up some fence and get it ready for the cattle to be moved in. Thursday, we cleaned up the yard around the ranch house, cut grass, picked up rocks and kind of put everything back where they were supposed to go. I also had to fix a few weed eaters and chainsaws. On Friday we moved about 100 cow/calf pairs up to the forest pasture. These were first year heifers so it was kind of a struggle but we got them up there and settled.

Saturday I spent all day discing a new pasture. Even though it was easy it made for a long day. Sunday, we docked another 950 lambs. We had two tail cutters this time so we got done a lot sooner than the last docking. Overall another great week here, and next week we have many sheep docking and cattle drives to look forward to.

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