Like the past few weeks, this week has been super busy around the ranch. On Monday a few of us went to a pasture to clean it up and brand a few cows that we missed the last time. Tuesday, we docked about 800 more sheep. We were shorthanded this day so it took quite a bit longer than usual but we were still home by 6 PM.

Wednesday, we went up and moved some cows into another pasture. My horse I was riding this day was being a little stubborn so we had to have a little lesson but then she was okay the rest of the day.  Thursday I spent all day disking a new field across the way. Sitting in a tractor all day got really boring and lonely, it’s a good thing it has a radio.

Friday I finished disking and started leveling the land. Saturday I spent all day leveling again. These were really slow days and it is surprising how tired I was even though I really didn’t do anything.  Saturday, I finished leveling in the morning and then brought up hay bales for the rest of the day. It was a pretty exciting week and I am looking forward to next week.

Tyler Pic Week 3-1


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