Rangeland Intern Noah Schick: Week 2 at the Red Canyon Ranch

This week John and I began surveying the pastures here at Red Canyon Ranch to see what percentage of grass the cows are grazing. The goal is to have them graze no more than 25%. We haven’t crunched the numbers yet, but it looks like Barot Slope pasture is well under this margin.

We had a couple of guests this week, including a soil science phd student from Yale. He took samples in Barots slope pasture to experiment with using a spectrometer in the field to measure soil carbon levels.

The Nature Conservancy also hosted a butterfly count on Friday. In the morning we had a group of about fifteen kids come to the ranch in order to catch and identify as many butterflies as we could. We caught about twenty different species of butterflies. We had another group come in the afternoon. We went to Sink’s Canyon for the afternoon, and again caught about 20 different species of butterflies.


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